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Links to all the best features in all different categories on Neopets!

Neopia Central

Head to the Auction House for some auction action-

Diagnose your Neopet's illness at The Neopian Hospital-

Set up an account at The National Neopian Bank-

The main food shop, Neopian Fresh Foods, always has a healthy treat instore-

Quench your knowledge thirst at the Book Shop-

Donate to poor Neopians or pick up something yourself if you're worse for wear at The Money Tree-

Colour your world at Rainbow Pool-

The Art Center is the perfect place to show off your amazing skills or gasp in awe of others-

Ahh, the Post Office Kiosk: the perfect place to collect stamps for your far from complete album-

Take your seat in the Disney Theatre-

Give your pet a holiday in the Neolodge-

Feed an abandoned Kadoatie at The Kadoatery-

Catch a quick snack at McDonalds: is there anything fast fod can't do?-

Cure your ill pet at The Pharmacy-

Buy into the latest potions at Kauvara's Magic Shop-

Equip yor loving pet with an adorable petpet at The Petpet Shop-

Get the latest scholastic supplies at Back To School Shop-


If you notice a broken link, please neomail tushiwuddle about it and it will be fixed A.S.A.P!

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